Re: Cu-SeeMe over cellular phone

Dennis J. Streveler (
Tue, 16 Jul 1996 09:27:11 -0700

At 03:58 PM 7/15/96 -0400, Andrew P Anselmo wrote:
>Has anyone worked with Cu-SeeMe using a laptop and a cell phone hookup?
>I was wondering if this could work...
>----- Andrew P. Anselmo -----------------------------------------------------

Hey, if you can get enough bandwidth over cellular modems, go for it. I
think it is a pretty chancey deal however. I have seen an experiment done
with CU using the Ricochet radio modems here in San Francisco. These are not
truly "cellular" modems but use a different part of the radio spectrum, and
do not "hand off" a call between cells when moving around (since there are
no "cells"). Works fine, but since the effective available bandwidth was
around 14.4 kbps, there is not much information you can move.

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