Help Me !!! The UDP overflow.

Jeongmin Cho (
Tue, 16 Jul 1996 14:19:52 +0900

Hello !

My name is jeongmin Cho.
My current project is to develop a videophone system on Win95.

I have a problem which must be solved.

1. The operation model

S1 <----------->+ S1 <--------------->+
+ +
S2-S/R A/V codec s2-S/R A/V codec
---------- -----------
protocol UDP UDP
stack ---------- ------------
---------- ------------
Network I/F Network I/F
---------- ------------
+ +
+ <---------------------------> +

S1 : application's thread(GUI, packetizer)
S2 : communication's thread
S/R : sender and receiver
A/V : audio and video

1) The audio data is generated a 1024Kb at a 125 ms.
2) The video data is generated a 1024Kb at the setting rate
(i.g. 128kbps, 256kbps,384kbps...) from the video codec,
and it is sent to the receiver by a S2 thread.
3) The application is implemented with MFC.
4) The S1 is a main thread that is inherited from CWinApp.
5) The S2 is a communication thread that is inherited from the
CWinThread and the CSocket.
6) The communication is a dual.
7) The application have a polling the codec to get data from the
codec. And a polling routine
is in the onIdle routine.
8) There is no protocol to manager the audio and the video data
from/to the UDP.
9) The operation mode of winsock is a unblocking.

2) The problem

1) UDP overflow.
2) The behavior of mouse have a consideration of the performance
of application.

3) Then, what's the problem ?
what's the solution ?