Was...Re: Cu-SeeMe over cellular phone..now POVERT

Tue, 16 Jul 1996 17:42:58 -0500

SC>Dear Burt,

SC>Eric at 17 has written more sense than your absolute cod's whallop..

SC>try using Africa's poverty as an example of instantaneous implosion of your
SC>ill-thought message..

SC>funny, you stay near Cape Cod and i live near Cape Point..

SC>Get the Point!


I always despised these cute little quotes that over simplified a
problem. Why not post the one about holding a bake sale for the Air
Force? I bet Eric writes but does not DO. What does Eric do about
hunger? You philosophy is take from those who work for it and give it to
those who do not. Has Eric donated food? in many cases when you give
food you teach the receiver to sit on their butts. Of course there are
many many exceptions.

Burt Fisher
Cape Cod's Internet Address