Re: Was...Re: Cu-SeeMe over cellular POWER

Schwann (
Wed, 17 Jul 96 16:04 EET

our handlers in Washington dip into our incomes for purposes of
>redistribution of wealth and social engineering here in the US and
>around the world, policies I believe to be both unjust and ultimately

they are dipping into our pockets for some time now and i don't even live in
the USA..

(To evolve is to survive). So what does this tell you about Internet'S ROLE
in society? Stories printed detailing; 'The Imminent Death Of The Internet
presupposes that the I-Net is an alive, yet 'imperfect vision' of digitised
humanity, and that we can just hit the delete button whenever we want. Small
wonder. Anything bequeathed to us by the Uberworld Order of bankers and
politicos needs careful scrutiny, and, as above - "it's not that simple".
Those who get off presenting company agendas while flaming anyone else's
opinions already know this, and of course there are ubiquitous
representatives from shadow government who in any case are programmed to
screw with the headspace of large groups. (We are now more than 60 Million).
Thus pseudo-psychologists masquerading as the inpatients ward are regularly
despatched into Usenet by, as yet unknown, 'powers-that-be', where they post
little drops of sweat from swollen ducts in their multifaceted psyche,
constantly trying to fragment any 'real' issues, because they know that
Cyber-Mysticism may be enabling cultural evolutionary growth, and this in
turn could make it possible for a truly democratic rethink on the
fundamental priorities of human affairs. (Some might not like this idea).

nuff said:)

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