Re: Using camcorder with laptop computer (addition)

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Wed, 17 Jul 1996 22:04:30 -0500

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>On Sat, 6 Jul 1996 wrote:
>> Can anyone tell me if there is some kind of interface box that
>> will allow me to hook a camcorder (with standard NTSC outputs) into the
>> parallel/kb ports of a laptop computer
>Yes, there are several. Most famous one - Snappy... (
> ) Another one - ComputerEyes/LPT (
> ). Neither of them
>work with CUSeeMe or any other videoconferencing software as far as I
>know. I don't know of any way to hook NTSC sources to a laptop for
>videoconferencing purposes (which always fascinated me).
>It's probably not even a hardware problem. I see no reason why an
>emulating driver be written to allow the Snappy to be used as an
>AVI-making (capable) capture board. Perhaps since it can't capture a
>high frame rate (15+), but I seriously doubt the Snappy can't technically
>capture 2-3 frames per sec... It could probably do something like 5 (I'm
>just guessing) which would be satisfactory for CUSM-type applic for a year
>or two (until affordable ISDN/cable modems allow us higher frame rates).
>Maybe they're working on such a beast right now (the driver). I'm
>thinking this would be an incredible way to boost sales even more. I'd
>personally get a Snappy if it could do videoconferencing. It's a really
>nice piece of hardware (amazing specs), just that they never took the next
>step to make it a REALLY amazing piece of hardware (i.e.
>Thanx for the opportunity to share some of my thoughts,

Try using the snappy in addition to CUDOODLE. CUDOODLE can be found at

CUDOODLE captures a section of the screen and sends it out as if it came
from a video device. Use the snappy software to get your video on the
screen, and move it so it is under the CUDOODLE capture area. I did this
with my captivator card program, and it worked just fine.

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