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Thu, 18 Jul 1996 00:18:16 -0500

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Dear Sir: I am a graduate student taking a class on Computer Architecture. I
am doing a project on videoconferencing and need to know some very basic
details of how parts of the hardware work!
I would be very greatful if you could help me out.
I need to know the very basics of how an analog video camera's output is
changed to digital input into the computer. (Down to the bits and bytes and
1's and 0s if you can explain it...) I realize that some cameras actually are
digital cameras now so there doesn't have to be this switch, but then how is
it sent over the analog telephone wires to another person sitting at another
computer? (The modem converts it, right? but I have read about ISDN lines and
how if you have this type of connection, then there is better communication.)
Please explain any or all of this if you have the time.
Thank You in advance!
I enjoyed finding your Web pages through the Lycos search and they answered
some questions.
Marilyn Hannan
Cardinal Stritch College
Milwaukee, WI

I am doing research on CU-SeeMe and if anyone can ehlp me out I would
appreciate it! I am new to your list and believe that you also have archives
that I could check out. Are these somewhere on the Cornell Web page?
Thank you,
Marilyn Hannan