Fwd: CineVideo Release

Thu, 18 Jul 1996 09:58:09 -0400

Forwarded message:
From: bsummers@cinecom.com (Bob Summers)
To: cinevideo@cinecom.com
Date: 96-07-17 22:52:35 EDT

CineVideo/Direct Version 1.09S1 has been released today. The following are
a list of features and enhancements in this version:

1) Decrease in computation for Video CODEC - So less CPU usage.
2) Support for Thousands of Colors (16 Bit Color) for Color Quickcam and
other capture cards that support it. This makes a BIG difference for
people using the Color Quickcam
3) Support for 8-bit Black and White data
4) Enhanced Teleconference window. Is now fully scalable and text can
be copied out of the input window.
5) Viewport scaling has been overhauled. It will now maintain Aspect
6) 2X zoom and Normal settings on the Viewport for easily changing
7) New 30 Day Trial. The software will run for 30 days and then expire if it
is not registered.
8) Added Hayes Accura DSVD modem to list with appropriate string to do
voice over data. This is for Direct-Dial only.
9) User capability icons. On the director listing, you will notice that
the icon to the left of the user name indicates their capabilities.

Please download the new version and feel free to send me email regarding the
product. Also, we will be enabling the VOD and broadcast capability in the
next couple of weeks. A plug-in was scheduled to be released today with
this version of the software. However, Microsoft released the Beta 2 of
IE3.0 that has plug-in support in it. We want to ensure that it works with
IE3.0 before releasing it.

Happy Video Conferencing,

Bob Summers
Director of Product Development
CINECOM Corporation