PowerMac 7500 blues

HV (giblues@myna.com)
Thu, 18 Jul 1996 10:38:02 -0500

>i have a powermac 7500/100 16mb ram (with built-in digitizer) and a
>videolabs flexcam (color cam with s-video output). i downloaded the
>cornell ppc cu-seeme (the current version as of two weeks ago).
>when i start cu-seeme i get a local video window (which the docs say
>happens only if cu-seeme recognized a local video source). however, it
>is all black. i can connect to self successfully but get (predictably)
>an all black video window.
Scotto, I too have a 7500/100 and shortly after I get a window I lag and
hang like a madman. In fact most of the time I have to freeze vid just to
type with any speed. I have written cornell, macuser, apple, and anyone
who even mentions that they have a 7500 or 7200 unit. I believe that
either the serial port or the pci bus on these machines is incompatible
with cuseeme's present software architecture.