RE: Error #11

Mark Farone (Mark_Farone@SFA.UFL.EDU)
18 Jul 1996 09:54:45 -0500

From: on Thu, Jul 18, 1996 9:13 AM

>I am running a Performa 6300, internal 28.8 modem. I just installed Connectix
>QuickCam, downloaded CU-SeeMe 0.83b3 from Cornell, and am at a standstill.
>At first, the CU would open with a menu bar and then freeze the entire
>Now it gives a system error bomb #11 each time. The QuickCam works with no
>problem. Is there a known incompatibility that I am not aware of with the
>Performa or something I might have in it?
>I trashed it all and downloaded a new CU, same result.

I have yet to see the CU 83b3 version which is PPC only work on any powermac,
including 6100/66, 7200/75, and a 7500/90. The 68k version works, but is

Three other important points:
a) give more RAM to the application through the Get Info dialog box. Type 11
errors are a general memory related error. Disable virtual memory if at all

b) be sure you are using system 7.5.3
-as per system update 2.0, and revision 2.0 if applicable

c) disable Open Transport and use classic MacTCP networking using the Network
Software Selector included with 7.5.3.
-I suspect CU is not Open Transport compatible. White Pine's
documentation says that it is OT compatible, and their PPC-only demo does work
on my 6100/66s. However, this demo is extremely poor at updating video
windows (each window works initially for about 5 seconds and then I don't
receive any other updates, even if packets are received.)

However, I cannot explain why the best setup I have found is using a b/w
Quickcam with .83b3 CU (68k) version on a Performa 636 using MacTCP. Frame
rates sending and receiving are *twice* any other setup, regardless of the
reflector used.


Mark Farone