re: Droped three times from Cu-SeeMe <List

Ronald L. Lightman (
Thu, 18 Jul 1996 11:08:51 -0500

>no in fact my computer completely crashed and when I got back on line it was
>still waiting on me. I agree with you this is very informative. If people
>would stick to cuseeme and not talk so much about poverty. We all know and
>most of us do what we can. NO exceptions.
>> From: (Ronald L. Lightman), on 7/16/96 11:40 AM:
>> Has anyone else had trouble staying on this List? I had to re-subscribe
>> three times.I have found the postings from this list to be very informative
>> and entertaining. Thanks
I agree that people should stick to the technical problems on this list and
make their point of view about social conditions in another forum. However,
I can see how people use whatever avenue available to express their
opinions because it means so much to them.Also, some people just like to
argue and /or gripe and some people,like myself,enjoy watching the action.
Regarding my original question,It is either my provider or the list
itself that has dropped my subscription and this would not be affected by a
computer crash. My e-mail should be waiting for me at my internet
provider,(memphisonline) as long as I asked for it with the proper command.
Does this list drop subscribers if they let too much time pass without
posting a question or reply? Should I be asking this question here or to
the list manager? Thankyou very much.