Re: Better than Cu-Seeme????

Dennis J. Streveler (
Thu, 18 Jul 1996 20:56:02 -0700

At 03:59 PM 7/18/96 -0500, wrote:
>Hi, according to my recent experience, we could have a MAYOR contender
>in the Video/Audioconference market: Microsoft!
>I just downloaded Internet Explorer 3.0 Beta 2 and Netmeeting Beta 2 and
>guess what? It works like a charm in my humble 486 DX4/75. Connecting
>with a 28.8 modem, the sound was FAR superior to that of InternetPhone,
>and... you are able to share ANY application running on your windows 95
>environment.. so what you say???? I connected my BW quickcam, started
>QuickPict and.. specified it to be a shared application.. result?? the
>other party was able to see the Quickpict window, thus, he could See me
>(no pun intended) at a FAR BETTER frame rate than Cu-Seeme was ever able
>to deliver (remember I=B4m using a 28.8). The other guy reported seeing as
>much as about 5 frames per second using this configuration. Boy, was I
>excited.. But, as if this were not enough, you can have a chat window,
>file transfer, and share ANY windows application, even in collaborative
>mode!!! Please, if someone out there has the BW QC, Windows 95 and can
>set up this configuration, PLEASE, mail me so we can arrange a test, OK?
>For those Win 95 users, I urge you to try this, I was deeply impressed.
>Best regards
>Carlos Labastida
>Puebla, Pue. Mexico

Hola Carlos,

Muy interesante! Actually I had downloaded and even tried NetMeeting, but it
did not occur to me to try to make a video window the shared window. It is
certainly worth a try!


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