Re: Using camcorder with laptop computer (addition)

Joe (
Thu, 18 Jul 1996 22:38:09 -0700

At 18.38 7/18/96 -0400, you wrote:
>On Wed, 17 Jul 1996, Bill Woodland wrote:
>> Try using the snappy in addition to CUDOODLE. CUDOODLE can be found at
>> CUDOODLE captures a section of the screen and sends it out as if it came
>> from a video device. Use the snappy software to get your video on the
>> screen, and move it so it is under the CUDOODLE capture area. I did this
>> with my captivator card program, and it worked just fine.
>NO WAY!! That's too cool! :) I know it "should work" for Snappy, but
>does it really? Does anyone out there have a Snappy capture-box and is
>running CUDOODLE+CU-SeeMe on Win95???
>I'm going to RUN to the store and get a Snappy upon such wonderful news.
>Who needs annoying capture cards inside my machine when with a Snappy I
>can videoconference from any friend/relative's house just by
>installing the software!!!!
>Thank you kindly,
>P.S., please don't recommend the quickcam to me cuz I want to be able to
>send output from my aud/vis mixer that with the addition of my VGA2TV-box
>does some cool cool stuff (e.g. put my face in a little circle on the
>corner of the screen while u look at my desktop as I run a slideshow of my
>favorite jpg's, etc etc)
>Hello All,

You can EXCLUDE the "Wave-WatcherII-Tv/Radio Board" by AITech. The CuDoodle
capture trick does not work with this board, as well as both the miroVIDEO
DC-20 and DC-1.

This is a good "trick", but does work on all capture boards.

This is not meant to say that either of the boards mentioned are inferior in
any way, as a matter of fact I have all three of the boards and they are
state of art.

So, this is posted for information only!!