Color quickcam win95 cuseeme vdophone cinevideo WORKS!!!!

George Neervoort (
Fri, 19 Jul 1996 13:36:27 +0200

My color quickcam finally works PERFECTLY!!!!
The were several problems to solve....

First of all the connectix software must be installed BEFORE the other products
(you probably have to re-install the other stuff).
Also you should check for updates of the videoprograms since not all old version
support color (e.g. old cuseeme, old cinevideo).
Running vidcap.exe (from microsoft or at vdophone) not only tests your setup
but also seems to "stimulate" other video programs to run perfectly!
After these actions my camera suffered from "negative" flickering.
The solution is very simple (once you know it ;) )....
set your graphical video to the maximum number of color (although it may result
in a smaller screen 640x400 versus 800x600.
After the last "trick" my camera worked P E R F E C T L Y !!!!!!!!
No problemo's with:

CONNECTIX programs
CUSEEME enhanced version
*** NEW ******* VDOPHONE ******

Well hope that others people can take advantage of my quest and I would like
to thank all the people who helped me out!

catch me with iphone (#vdophone) or vdophone

>Hi there!
>I just purchased the connectix color quickcam and I ran into a few
>1. The bottom of the image (about 1/4 of it) flickers which is very
> annoying! (when using the connectix software)
>2. CUSEEME doesnot capture my board...(all but gray lines) ;)
> That is both the cornell version and the enhanced whitphine version
>3. CINEVIDEO dito! (see for a free demoversion)
>Is there anyone out there with a quickcam color camera and maybe has the
>same problems....
>Right now I very disappointed and think I should have bought the b/w
>Many thanks in advance,

>We have gotten many users calling about the Color QuickCam crashing when
>starting Enhanced CU-SeeMe. The Problem comes when you have CU-SeeMe already
>installed and then added the QuickCam, the quickcam does not get to happy
>about setting it into 24 bit capture mode before detecting what modes it
>does support from a raw new install of CU-SeeMe. So if you had CU-SeeMe
>configured before or used with another capture card you need to make sure
>it does not try to set it into this mode. Below is a workarround from
>The workaround is this:
>edit the cuseeme.ini file
>find the [capture settings] section
>change the line CaptureDepth= from 24 to 16
>save and exit
>startup Enhanced CU-SeeMe (user gets an all-white local video window)
>go to preferences - change codec to color.
>The user should be all set after that.