PowerMacs and Cuseeme

HV (giblues@myna.com)
Fri, 19 Jul 1996 12:01:04 -0500

First of all to everyone who has been responding to me since I started
posting notes about the problems with power macs and cuseeme- Thank You.
For months I have been unable to get any response at all from anyone.

My experience has been that if you own one of the first series of power
macs, ie: the 6100, 7100 or 8100 series you don't have any problems at all.
As I have stated earlier, my little old Powerbook 160 with 8 meg of ram
works like a charm with MacTcp or Open Transport and system 7.5.3. Revision
2. I can get full screens filling in, switch back and forth between the
finder and no real problems when I type in the chat box.

The same goes for my Centris 610 with 16 meg of ram and the same system
using open transport or mactcp

I tested an origninal PowerMac 7200/90 mhz machine with 32 meg of ram and
could barely move once i connected to a reflector site. I turned off
virtual memory and every single init or extension that wasn't needed and I
still couldn't return to the finder. All my cursor would do is skate
across the screen, I couldn't activate anything by double clicking on it.

So I switched to a PowerMac 7500av with 32 meg of ram and attached a
SonyHandy Cam CCD-F45 and did what everyone tells you to do. ie: Load
fresh software, Power PC native, get rid of the previous pref files, not
use virtual memory, ram doubler or even activate the memory manager. It
helped. But still when I want to chat in a reflector the lag in typing
into the chat box is substantial. In order to get up to speed I have to
freeze my vid. The fps rate is rarely above .5 and usually I receive
around 13 fps from others. My settings are low. Transmission is 10-10-10.
Reception 10-40. Compression 10 -26. I gave up altogether on the mike
and don't even have it plugged in. Still I lag.

But if I use my Centris or someone else's Quadra I zip along at a
reasonable rate.

For what it's worth I received this note from Larry Chance about the problem.

>From the "For What It's Worth" department, I've been running the standard
Mac 0.83b3 (PPC) version of CU-SeeMe on my Mac PPC 7500. It runs fine as
long as you (1) turn *off* virtual memory and (2) use either MacTCP or the
latest version of OT. (Of course, *all* software always runs better for
its developers than for its customers!)

The virtual memory problem has to do with the built-in video digitizer on
the 7500 and 8500 machines; at present, we cannot digitize when virtual
memory is turned on (the digitizer uses some memory and with virtual memory
we can't access it properly). The OT problem has to do with the earlier
versions not completely supporting some of the UDP facilities that we use.
The recent version of OT *does* support them. We hope to find a fix for
this problem.

We will be releasing a Mac version of CU-SeeMe with native OT support, but
its release date isn't yet firm.

Larry Chace (RLC1@cornell.edu) CU-SeeMe development group

If this is of anyhelp to any of you out there, then great. Let's keep the
discussion going. I wrote to Apple yesterday to express my dismay
especially since their new strategy is to be number one on the internet.
With video transmission being the new rage so to speak you would think that
they would have more of an interest in the problems we pci based power mac
users are having.

One last point, I find the Cornell version works just a little more quickly
than does the White Pines Version of Cuseeme. Currently I am referring to
the PPC 0.83 version of Cornell and the latest version available from White

Take Care,

Harold Vigoda