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>Subject: CU-SeeMe Reflector List
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>JI> I understand your feeling. I found the same thing.. I found those
>JI>web sites when I first got my QuickCAM. I agree 90% or more of them
>JI>do not answer. But the links from my web page are to other web pages
>JI>that have those lists. I do not keep the list.. update or keep it
>JI>If you go to my web site:
>JI>You will find links to the most popular CUSeeMe web sites. I have
>JI>no control over there content.
>JI> Jim Howard
>Are you saying the listings on your web site mostly work?
>I would rather have a list of ten sites that work than a list of 300
>where only 5 work.
>Burt Fisher
>Cape Cod's Internet Address

I've heard this kind of comment a lot about the list on MY web page. These
lists are maintained by Jon Becker at Cornell University. Jon has no
official connection with the CU-SeeMe project....he's just another
interested party in the world of CU.

If you read the main reflector page, you'll find that each reflector in the
list is marked with a special character in the first position. These
special characters and their meanings are (comments are from Jon:

! PRIVATE -- These are reflectors that require a conference number to connect.
# ADDITIONS -- This section contains reflectors that have come to my
attention since the last listing.
$ SUBSCRIPTION -- These are reflectors to which access is gained by paying a
% TOP-10 -- The reflectors in this section are usually very busy and hard to
* ACTIVE -- These reflectors were up an running when surveyed.
+ GAY -- These reflectors are consistently frequented by the gay crowd.
. INACTIVE -- These reflectors were ACTIVE during a previous survey, but
were not during the current survey.
~ ARCHIVED</B> -- After a reflector in the INACTIVE section has not
responded to a survey for one month, it gets moved to the ARCHIVED section.

I hope this sheds some light on the subject.

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