Notice some good ISP to me!
Sat, 20 Jul 1996 19:31:01 GMT

Dear folks;

I'm testing the old VBlaster(CT-6000) with ECU,
so far it's really worked well with refrectors, and
now I would like to test how it works in Person-Person
(1:1)connection. Since I'm thinking of sending Video
to the other person through ECU, I want to know whether
and how my video pictures can be received by the other
terminal. So Please call my IP:
and notice me your receiving situation /w the form below;

1.piriod 7/20 15:30-17:30(from Ohio USA)

2.term1->receiving fps&bps

fps( - ), bps( - )

3.term2->your Location( )


how the color... a)natural( )
b)no color( )
c)strange( )

each picture coming... a)instantly( )
b)gradually( )

5.what's your machine&software?


My machine: IBM PC, i486 33 DX ISA 16MB
Win.95J+ECU, CT-6000+28.8 Modem

Any of your corporation helpful, thanks!!


Osamu Terao