Sorry, test is stopped!
Sat, 20 Jul 1996 19:44:04 GMT

Dear folks;

I'm trying to hold the test below, but had to
stop it cause today's bad line condition. Sorry folks,
I'll check my line and machine today and will try some
day. Thanks to all.


I'm testing the old VBlaster(CT-6000) with ECU,
so far it's really worked well with refrectors, and
now I would like to test how it works in Person-Person
(1:1)connection. Since I'm thinking of sending Video
to the other person through ECU, I want to know whether
and how my video pictures can be received by the other
terminal. So Please call my IP:
and notice me your receiving situation /w the form below;

1.piriod 7/20 15:30-17:30(from Ohio USA)

2.term1->receiving fps&bps

fps( - ), bps( - )

3.term2->your Location( )


how the color... a)natural( )
b)no color( )
c)strange( )

each picture coming... a)instantly( )
b)gradually( )

5.what's your machine&software?


My machine: IBM PC, i486 33 DX ISA 16MB
Win.95J+ECU, CT-6000+28.8 Modem

Any of your corporation helpful, thanks!!


Osamu Terao