Re: Mac: Serial Port Switch

Mathew (
Sun, 21 Jul 1996 15:56:12 -0700

Ray Baker wrote:
> Have both my QuickCam and Printer sharing my serial port.
> The docs for QuickCam talk about a "serial port switch,"
> any thoughts or reccomendations on this?
> I am tired of unplugging my QuickCam each and every time I want to use
> my printer.
> Suggestions please...

Well, not having a Mac or a Quickcam, I am not sure about this, but it
sounds like what you need to do is get to the computer store and buy
yourself a serial port switch, which is a device you connect to your
serial port that allows you to switch between different external serial
devices, in the same way that a printer port switch allows the use of
more than one printer with a simple A-B-C switch.

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