problem, CU-SEEME on mac powerbook

Fanping Wen (fanping@SLINKY.CS.NYU.EDU)
Sun, 21 Jul 1996 20:07:31 -0400 (EDT)

Dear CU-SeeMe friends,

I just purchased two Color QuickCam cameras and two copies of WhitePine
CUSM last week, one set for PC/Windows, another for Mac. Now I've got the
PC/Windows one work without sound. But the set for Mac is still not
working after the WP tech support spent long time on me. I wonder if any
one on this list would help.

Model of Mac: PowerBook 165C, physical memory 12MB, System Version: 7.1
Color QuickCam camera is connected on printer port, which is inactive.
Phone line is connected through the phone connector on the computer.
QuickCam Program version: 2.02, QuickMovie and QuickPict work fine while
PPP connection is on or off.
CU-SeeMe error message: Unable to open selected digitizer.
No local window shows.
Would any one give suggestion to solve the problem?

The PC/Windows set works on our IBM ThinkPad 755 running Windows 3.1, but
I don't know how to get audio work or test it. The computer has built-in
sound card, speakers and microphone. Would any one tell me how to test if
the computer has enough driver/dll program to support CU-SeeMe? how to
test the Windows audio system? and how to test or try CU-SeeMe audio?