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>In a message dated 96-07-19 19:45:34 EDT, Spd writes:
>> I have little doubt this has been covered at some other time but here goes:
>> A friend of mine wants to use CU thru AOL, he is using the new AOL
>> (with the included winsock), anybody know what if any version of CU will
>> work with this setup....thanks for any help you can provide...
>I just tried aol v3.0 with Cornell v.W0.84b7 and was able to connect to NASA
>(Marshall Spaceflight Center). After bringing up the Main Menu, I clicked on
>the Internet Connection and then minimized all windows before starting

Hmmm... I'm having trouble with WP 2.01 and AOL 3.0 at my nephew's house.
I'm just fine here on my WFWG TCP32B setup with static host name and T1.
But my nephew has only AOL and wants to get his 28.8 modem working with CUSM
on AOL3.0.

Worked just fine with AOL 2.6 or whatever that last version was. I would
get this bizarre hostname/number (some kind of AOL dynamic address) in the
right-hand display box and then as soon as you connected to your first site,
the host name would resolve into a standard IP address.

As soon as I upgraded to AOL 3.0, I got a slightly different bizarre
hostname at first, but it didn't resolve. On my first connection, I get an
error that tells me to set up a "hosts" file. Which doesn't really seem
possible, given AOL winsock and the bizarre hostname it's trying to resolve.

I mean, the DNS is working... it has a hostname... It's just that the 3.0
won't resolve it!!!

Note: I can switch winsocks and log back in with AOL 2.6 (or whatever it
was), and it works fine (but only at 14.4 arrrgghh!).

AOL is, of course, clueless.


- JohnR

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