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fbailey (
Mon, 22 Jul 1996 13:16:55 -0500

Try going to
Think I saw something about a program called MAKEHOST, there's also other
good info there.

> From: David Cohen <>
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> Subject: newbie question:>
> Date: Monday, July 22, 1996 1:54 PM
> I am using cu-seeme on the Netmanage Chameleon 4.6 TCPIP stack and
although I have installed/iconized the beta software, I am not able to get
the main cu-seeme window to pop up when i launch it...I only get the audio
window to pop task manager tells me cuseeme is an active
application, and i am opening cuseeme after i have connected to my ISP on a
PPP connection where i am assigned a different IP address each time i log
on....if I am NOT connected to my ISP and i launch cuseeme, i get the error
message of no host connection ( iassume this is normal)...any ideas as to
what is going on? Thanks in advance, Dave
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