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>*****I see tom servo on all the dam time , what gives ????******

Tom Servo is a character on the Sci-Fi channel's Mystery Science Theatre
3000, and is the DEFAULT nickname that is built into the Cornell version of
CU-SeeMe. The White Pine version makes you enter a name of your own.

When you see that name, you know that the user is PROBABLY using the Cornell
version and:

a:inexperienced or is just trying it out
b:doesn't realize that it CAN be changed
c:wants to remain somewhat anonymous
d:has no imagination to think up his/her own nickname
e:too lazy to change it
f:thinks he/she IS Tom Servo
g:REALLY IS Tom Servo
h:doesn't know the White Pine version exists
i:too cheap to PAY for the White Pine version

If that user is running the White Pine version, then I guess d, f, or g
would apply :)

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