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>I am using cu-seeme on the Netmanage Chameleon 4.6 TCPIP stack and although
I have installed/iconized the beta software, I am not able to get the main
cu-seeme window to pop up when i launch it...I only get the audio window to
pop task manager tells me cuseeme is an active application, and i am
opening cuseeme after i have connected to my ISP on a PPP connection where i
am assigned a different IP address each time i log on....if I am NOT
connected to my ISP and i launch cuseeme, i get the error message of no host
connection ( iassume this is normal)...any ideas as to what is going on?
Thanks in advance, Dave

Yes, that error is normal if you try to use CU without being connected to
your ISP.

As far as the main CU window, if it is on the win95 task bar, RIGHT mouse
click it on the task bar, then LEFT click on MOVE. Using the CURSOR KEYS,
move UP and LEFT until the wire-frame is visible, then hit ENTER to drop it
there. This happens ONLY when you exit cu-seeme with a window MINIMIZED.

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