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Mon, 22 Jul 1996 22:31:32 -0500

>Date: Mon, 22 Jul 1996 03:01:57 -0700
>From: Mathew <>
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>Subject: Slow show
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>Hi All: I am trying to find a good reflector site to get some idea of

Get a reflector list from my web page (addres listed below).

>the capabilities of version W0.84b7 (the latest according to cornell's
>home page. If there is some newer version maybe some nice person will
>attach it to me).

Go to for the very latest version. You can get a
SERIAL NUMBER and download a DEMO that will work for 30 days, then you have
to pay a modest fee for a real serial number that will make it work

>I have tried nasa but never get beyond 1 or 2 frames

That fps rate is about average for a 14.4 or 28.8 modem.

>per second with no audio, and only once caught the ending of an actual
>show. The rest of the time it has been a still picture ident screen. Any
>really cool feeds I am missing out on?

Oh you wouldn't believe how much is out there. Get a reflector list.

>I tried the event page
>recommended by cornell's home page, and not only could I not get an
>answer on any of the addresses, but the browser interface offered there
>(go CUSeeMe Go) did not work at all. I am using the windows DUN with
>netcom as my ISP (dynamic IP addressing). I am only trying to recieve. I
>would like to be set up to recieve the next broadcast of shuttle
>missions from NASA. Any help would be appreciated,
>Be of good Cheer!
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> John Lennon

John Lauer's GO-CU-SeeMe-GO page seems to be out of date with the latest
version, so don't bother to try it again. I've tried getting in touch with
John, but no luck so far. If anyone else out there knows where I can find
him, please let me know.

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