RE: Mike gain for CU on PowerMac with PlainTalk mike

Mark Farone (Mark_Farone@SFA.UFL.EDU)
23 Jul 1996 18:27:28 -0500

From: on Tue, Jul 23, 1996 6:08 PM

>Hope this isn't a worn-out issue - but I'm using CUSM 0.83b3 and the
>sound seems to be poor using the PlainTalk mike (its an oval looking thing
>that looks like the martian blaster in War of the Worlds). Gain is fine
>on my Quadra 800 with the old fashioned round mike. I don't see any way
>to change it. Is this a problem that White Pine fixes, or am I overlooking
>the obvious -

Are you sure it is the PlainTalk mike?
You can't use the round microphone with the single notch in it on a PowerMac.
FWIW, all PowerMacs use a slightly different microphone than their
predecessors, PlainTalk, which has a slightly longer shaft on the plug. I'm
not sure exactly what those martian blasters looked like (been a while since
I've seen that film!), but the correct mike is shaped like 1/4th of a
football, has about 100 holes in it, and has a lip on the front. Older
microphones, or regular or extended stereo plugs will cause a very low volume
level and "scratchy" sound.
The Plaintalk microphone plugs may or may not work in "normal" female jacks,
depending on how the jack is built.

Of course, also be sure that the volume level is up on CU-SeeMe's audio
window, and that the microphone is selected in the Sound control panel.


Mark Farone