RE: Mike gain for CU on PowerMac with PlainTalk mike

Steve Rogers (
Tue, 23 Jul 96 17:46:20 CDT

> From: "Mark Farone" <Mark_Farone@SFA.UFL.EDU>
> Are you sure it is the PlainTalk mike?


> You can't use the round microphone with the single notch in it on a PowerMac.
> FWIW, all PowerMacs use a slightly different microphone than their
> predecessors, PlainTalk, which has a slightly longer shaft on the plug. I'm
> not sure exactly what those martian blasters looked like (been a while since
> I've seen that film!), but the correct mike is shaped like 1/4th of a
> football, has about 100 holes in it, and has a lip on the front.

That's it.

> Of course, also be sure that the volume level is up on CU-SeeMe's audio
> window, and that the microphone is selected in the Sound control panel.

Ah - I figured out where the little "gain" doodad is. Shoot me.