New User Has Questions.

Joe Sommer (
Thu, 25 Jul 1996 17:21:32 -0400

Hello, I just recently downloaded the CU-SEEME software from Cornell and
am basically just checking it out. I currently have a 486 66 under Win'95
at a modem speed of 14.4kbps.

I have logged onto the Cornell Reflector...I can usually only get on at
certain hours, since it must be very busy. Can anyone provide me with
reflector addresses so that I can check them out?

Also, I know the software is currently limited, and even more so by my
hardware and Internet connection. The pictures are very 'grainy' and
pixellized, sometimes with more white than actual gray scale shade and the
picture seems to come in scattered blocks and some never really 'fill up'
Can anyone offer me any advice on how to improve the clarity of the
connection (hardware suggestions are being sought here)

I don't presently own a video camera, will a regular handycam work just
fine? I know I have video inputs on a TV card or must a connectix camera be
Also, I have a full duplex sound card, how can I hear a conversation, or
send voice inf. to the people connected? I have had the sound window open
and played with the settings but I'm not sure if I'm doing things
correctly, as I can't hear anyone and am wondering if I can be heard?

Thanks in advance to you repines for this new user.