Re: Windows 95 problems

Steve Rogers (
Fri, 26 Jul 96 15:32:06 CDT

> From Fri Jul 26 15:29:08 1996
> > I have just purchased a Connectix QuickCam for Windows and installed
> > it successfully (I can receive images when using QuickPict). I tried
> > to run CUSeeMe using the QuickCam, but NO image appeared. Looking at
> > Help, it said to indicate a video source, but I cannot find this.
> I have just found this same effect with a Color QuickCam, is yours a
> standard B&W model or the color one? Indeed does anyone know if the
> Color QuickCam can be used with the Cornell free CUSeeMe for Windows
> (W0.84b7)? If anyone has that combination working would you tell me
> your configuration please.

Cornell CUSM does NOT support the color QuickCam - not for sending nor
for receiving.