Re: New user trying to find IP's/reflector

Rob Fleetwood (
Sat, 27 Jul 1996 06:17:27 -0700

John and all others in search of reflectors..

I stumbled across a web page last week (http:\\ which has,
as one of its features, a "CUSeeMe Reflector Scanner". Simply go to the web
page parenthetically noted above, click on the "Video Facilitators" picture
and then click on the "Videoconferencing on the Internet" link. There is a
short version and a long version/list of the results of the scanner which
periodically scans the net for reflectors, reports which are active and who
is connected to each (including lurkers) at the time of the scan.

Pretty neat, huh?

At 10:29 PM 7/26/96 -0400, you wrote:
>Greetings listers.
>I've only been here a couple of days and am amazed at the volume on this
>list. (But even I could tell the party was an obvious joke, and about as
>much a violation of federal law as the existence of Rush Limbaugh ... and am
>wondering where to find that reflector with a [yikes!!!] naked person on it...)
>I have CUseeme and a quickcam... and I can't get up. I try logging on to
>the conference mode but cannot connect. The documentation doesn't help
>much. I gather I need to plug IP's in there... but I cannot figure out how
>to find them.
>I just wondered: How do I find "reflectors" (and what the hell is a
>reflector, anyway?) Are these something like videofied chat rooms? Parden
>my newbie questions, here...but I don't know how else to find out. And
>thanks in advance for any help you offer.
>John Decker