No Audio Out

William Jackson (
Sun, 28 Jul 1996 12:13:46 +0000

I just installed a sound card, cd, and b/w Connectix quickcam and all are
working fine.
(IBM compatable) We have a 56K line at school, with my defaults set at
that, and I'm getting readings on send and receive that run in the 50's
much of the time.

Today was my first time online with the new setup. I am receiving good video,
and audio that is also quite good at times. I'm told that my video out is
of good quality but I'm not getting any audio out.

Running with the audio window open I can see the vertical green bar that
reflects received audio strength but get nothing when I push the talk button
and try to transmit.

I've tried everything that I know and resorted to chatting and writing notes
and holding them up to the camera........Any ideas?


Bill Jackson
Middlesboro High School
Middlesboro, KY.