George and Marie Fero (
Sun, 28 Jul 1996 14:09:08 -0500

Here it goes, again. Hopefully someone on this learned list might be able to
help me where White Pine could not.

I have a Color QuickCam with an evaluation copy of Enhanced Cu-SeeMe, and I
have yet to be able to see my local picture, or even transmit one. My Color
QuickCam works fine with Connectix VideoPhone and CineView. My request
history is as follows:

1) Email to White Pine - they suggested that I read the FAQ's (I already did
before emailing them....they suggested exactly what I had already tried)

2) A user suggested a configuration that worked for luck for me.

3) Someone from White Pine responded again to a posting here....the
suggestion was to get another Winsock TCP/IP program since there are
problems with Trumpet Winsock.....I did download another program.....Core
Internet Connect (the one bundled with the White Pine software).....spent a
lot of time getting it configured....again no picture!

4) Sent two more emails to White Pine .... they must be ignoring me....

5) Help.....

Here is my configuration:

486dx100, 16 meg RAM, 28.8 USRobotics modem, SoundBlaster 16 sound card,
Connectix Color QuickCam, Windows 3.11 for Workgroups, Core Internet Connect

I get a blank local window, but it shows that it is receiving an image
throught the fps counter; the remote window is grey....

Any help would be appreciated......if it ever gets toworking, I will
purchase Enhanced CU-SeeMe...until then......


George Fero


I am directing a large grant at my university to establish a regional
teleconference center to develop models for the delivery of distance
learning.....part of it is to deliver AP courses to students in small rural
schools using internet connections. None of these schools have ISDN or T1,
we must use 28.8 modems. We are closely looking at QuickCams because of ther
cost, and CU-Seeme because there are other sites already using it. If it
won't work for me, I will not be able to recommend it any further (my
computing services staff are also baffled).
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