How to "unsubscribe" (instructions)

George and Marie Fero (
Sun, 28 Jul 1996 14:16:56 -0500

For those who fail to keep the "important" instructions you received when
you subscribed, and now want to "unsubscribe" pleaser save these so we all
will not have to keep reading and deleting your unsuccessful attempts.

(please note the address to whom the request MUST be sent)

Copied directly from the subscription instructions:

How to unsubscribe from the list
To leave the list at any time, send mail to:
containing this single line of text:
You must send this mail from the same e-mail address you used to
subscribe (namely,

The above material applies to all mailing lists maintained by Cornell.
What follows is additional information provided by the owner(s) of the
CU-SEEME-L list.

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