Radio Interference?

Michael Branagan (
Sun, 28 Jul 1996 20:05:53 -0500

My wife & I have been communicating using Connectix Color QuickCam,
E-CuSeeMe. She has a 28.8, a 165c PB & a PPP account in Caracas. I have a
T-1, 7100/66 over an ethernet lan. She "calls" my dedicated IP from
Caracas, since she has a dynamic IP.

Now here's the problem (bug?)

We seem to get what I would call radio interference. My best guess is that
the transmissions from the Venezuelan National HAM Radio Operators Club,
that is less than 1 block away are somehow picked up. Yet I've never heard
any interference over normal phone line conversations. (My apologies to
the HAM's, CB's, etc.) Is such a thing possible? Given that I've never
heard interference over a portable or non-portable phone (when I'm talking
to someone down there), then it appears that my wife's CPU is acting like
an antenna. Comments?