Video Codecs?

Mark Vogel (
Sun, 28 Jul 1996 22:56:20 -0700

1) I've just purchased a Color Quickcam for Mac and having downloaded the
demo Enhanced CU-SeeMe. While the White Pine manual mentions their
grayscale and color codec drivers, there are a lot of other choices in my
list (e.g. Intel Raw, Intel Indeo Video, Animation, etc, Video, etc.).
What are these other choices and are any appropriate for use with the Color
Quickcam and CU-SeeMe?

2) In my sound control panel (Sounds In), I tried to change from my
built-in Mic to my Quickcam Mic. I have a Duo 280c in a dock with an
external microphone as well. When I switched to the Quickcam mike in the
control panel, an options button appears. When I clicked on the button, my
machine went out to lunch (froze and needed to be re-booted). After
reboot, I've lost the built-in mic selection in the sound control panel.
Anyone know what gives?