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Mon, 29 Jul 1996 01:00:47 -0500

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>Subject: Me too - Windows 95 problems
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>Re: Attached email
> Have experienced some problems with this myself. I installed it and
>everything seemed to run OK and my video window appeared along with the
>person I was connect to. After installation of cuseeme, I installed
>mirc4.52 and don't know if this had any effect on it or not.

No way it should have made any changes to your CU settings...mIRC is a text
based IRC chat client (the absolute BEST, imho).

>I can receive
>the video window of the person I am talking to but will not show mine. My
>icon in the ribbon at bottom of screen shows that I have a window.

That "ribbon" is called the "Task Bar".

>When I restore or double click the icon it goes to the right of the icon window
>towards right side of screen.

It would help you in the future to learn the terminology for these things,
but I'm not sure I understand EXACTLY what you mean by this. I THINK you
mean that your "local video window" appears on the "desktop".

>When I minimize the icon with my name on it I
>see it coming back from right side of icon window. Has anyone experienced
>this problem and if so, what about the fix for it.

Yes. Click on the local window icon in the task bar with your RIGHT mouse
button, and you should see a small menu appear. Click on "move" in this
menu, and then use the cursor keys (up down left right arrows) to move the
outline of the window into a more convenient location on the screen, and
then press the ENTER key to lock it there.

This happens when you close CU-SeeMe while your local video window is
minimized. I recommend that you never minimize any of the windows in
CU-SeeMe, but CLOSE them instead.

>The only other thing I
>did was to delete the 2 "dll" files as instructed. I copied them back in
>after problem was encountered tho.

Go ahead and delete them after you do the above.

>Thought that entered my mind was a
>location position in my cuseeme.ini file located in the C:\windows directory
>or something like that.

That's exactly where the cuseeme.ini file is supposed to be, so don't move
or delete it.

>Has been very frustrating,
>Thanks for your help in advance

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