Re: Radio Interference?

JayHill (
Mon, 29 Jul 1996 10:23:21 -0700

Michael Branagan wrote:
> My wife & I have been communicating using Connectix Color QuickCam,
> E-CuSeeMe. She has a 28.8, a 165c PB & a PPP account in Caracas. I have a
> T-1, 7100/66 over an ethernet lan. She "calls" my dedicated IP from
> Caracas, since she has a dynamic IP.
> Now here's the problem (bug?)
> We seem to get what I would call radio interference. My best guess is that
> the transmissions from the Venezuelan National HAM Radio Operators Club,
> that is less than 1 block away are somehow picked up. Yet I've never heard
> any interference over normal phone line conversations. (My apologies to
> the HAM's, CB's, etc.) Is such a thing possible? Given that I've never
> heard interference over a portable or non-portable phone (when I'm talking
> to someone down there), then it appears that my wife's CPU is acting like
> an antenna. Comments?

you dont say what the problem is...
are you hearing 2-way radio talk over the cuseeme sound ???
or do you here ham radio talk over the computer speakers when any program is running ???

also to all on the list... the quickcam transmits radio signals from the long wire from the cam to the computer
I get some radio interference FROM the quickcam to my ham radio station. ( the b&W cam put out signals around 28.4 MHZ )
the color cam puts out less interference in this band but the signals take up much more bandwidth.)

to keep pager/2-way radio signals out of your computer ground the computer case. ( never use 2-wire to 3-wire AC converters )!

I have a RF filter on the phone line and use a short cord to the phone jack on the wall
I use a power strip with broadband noise fileters ( the black one radio shack USED to sell)

some times radio siganls get right into the non metal case used in the outboard speaker/amps.

check for good clean connections.