Help with Quickcam for NT 3.51

Glen Lee (
Mon, 29 Jul 1996 16:18:05 -0700

Hi everyone,

I need help de-installating Quickcam software from
my NT.

My problem is, the mic sound level does not work
anymore which means I can not transmit sound. Also my
local echo window keeps on popping up even though I have
un-installed the Quickcam

This is what happen. I installed Quickcam onto my
NT because the box said it would work for Windows 95, so I
thought it would have a chance to work with NT. It did not
even install properly. The 'Un-Installer' would not work.
I phoned Quickcam Tech. Support. They went thru a few
files and directories with me. But I am still having
problems. I have removed the Quickcam.drv file and I have
checked the sys.ini file. I think the local echo video
window is taking up all the bandwidth and no bandwidth is
allocated to tranmit audio.

I have decided to buy a video board instead of
using the parallel port for a video input. Any help would
be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Glen Lee