CU-seeme + PB 520 + ext 28,800 + africa

Tue, 30 Jul 1996 02:54:30 -0400 (EDT)

Would anybody be kind enough to comment on the following:

Going on the road in africa with a powerbook 520, ram 12M, extenal 28kbps
wanting to connect from public phone with acoutical modem ?does it
exist or with phone line (do i need adaptor)
or by satellite phone or cellular phone do i connect
to a african server or do i call long distance to local server in
america , does the echo in long distance communications affect the
connection with the server and the software like CU-SEEME every
week for live multi chat(15-30 minutes) on reflector
News from the trip !

So my questions are,

Did anybody go to africa and communicated via modem to N.America

Does a acoustical modem still exist at 28kbps

Do I need some sort of adaptor to plug the phone line in the modem

Does Cu-seeme work on a PB520 with 12M ram

Do I connect to local server in africa or N.America

Is there a universal membership to service providers
or 800 numbers from there

thank you in advance