Re: CUSEEME banned!!

Scott Chumbley (
Tue, 30 Jul 1996 08:43:09 +0100

I thought I'd try one more time.......... No help from anyone yet!

I am running the image from a scanning electron microscope into an AV board
of a 7100 powermac and connecting to a reflector that we have set up. We
are running v.83B3 of CU-SeeMe and Open Transport 1.1 (Sys 7.5.3) and
CU-SeeMe (tm) Reflector version 4.00B3 on IP address on the
following system: OS Version: ULTRIX V4.3A (Rev. 146) System #20:
Mon Jan 15 12:27:00 CST 1996, CPU: DECstation 5000, Memory - maxmem:
14130K physmem: 24576K, Display : PMAG-DA - PXG (8 or 24 plane). The image
looks great on our 7100 but when schools around Iowa connect (usuaully via
a ppp connection) to the reflector the top 1/3 will update within a few
seconds, the middle 1/3 maybe after several minutes, the bottom 1/3 never.
Does anybody have any suggestions as to what is going on? Nobody seems to
have a clue. Thanks!