Re: CU-seeme + PB 520 + ext 28,800 + africa

Dennis J. Streveler (
Tue, 30 Jul 1996 08:44:03 -0700


You have a real challenge ahead. The bandwidth needed to make CUSeeMe
possible is something greater than 14.4kbs. Depending where you are going in
Africa, you are not likely to find that you can connect to the internet at
speeds which will allow you to use CUSeeMe satisfactorily.

I will comment on your questions below, but perhaps you should consider:

1) Taking (digital photos) and emailing them back. This is one way to "keep
in touch" without relying on realtime communications.

2) Consider using internet telephony rather than video. Voice requires much
lower bandwidth than does video. Of course, you could always make just an
ordinary phone call and accomplish the same result. :)

I'll comment on your questions below.

Hope this helps, and have a GREAT trip,

At 02:54 AM 7/30/96 -0400, tv@Mlink.NET wrote:
>Would anybody be kind enough to comment on the following:
>Going on the road in africa with a powerbook 520, ram 12M, extenal 28kbps
>wanting to connect from public phone with acoutical modem ?does it
>exist or with phone line (do i need adaptor)
>or by satellite phone or cellular phone do i connect
>to a african server or do i call long distance to local server in
>america , does the echo in long distance communications affect the
>connection with the server and the software like CU-SEEME every
>week for live multi chat(15-30 minutes) on reflector
>News from the trip !
>So my questions are,
>Did anybody go to africa and communicated via modem to N.America

I have connected (via modem) from some 30 countries in the past three years,
incuding Egypt and South Africa

>Does a acoustical modem still exist at 28kbps

No. You must have a "direct" connection for speeds greater than 9600 baud. I
carry a small toolkit with pliers, screwdrivers, aligator clips...

>Do I need some sort of adaptor to plug the phone line in the modem

Yes. Nearly every country uses its own standard. Some of the least-developed
countries don't use a modular connector at all! You didn't mention which
countries you will be visiting. You can get a list of all available adaptors
by seeing TeleAdapt's page at

>Does Cu-seeme work on a PB520 with 12M ram


>Do I connect to local server in africa or N.America

Well, you can of course call the USA, but the costs will be high. Why not
look to see who supports international access from the countries you are
interested in. CompuServe is one such source. WorldNet is another.

>Is there a universal membership to service providers
>or 800 numbers from there

>From where? Africa is a big continent! :)

>thank you in advance

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