Re: CUSEEME banned!!

Dennis J. Streveler (
Tue, 30 Jul 1996 08:44:06 -0700

Hello Dave George et al,

It is none of your ISP's business to know THE SOURCE of packets you are
sending out. I don't see how they can ban the use of one (or a select list
of) products. A large FTP transfer, for example, uses just as much bandwidth
as does a CU-like product. I would raise a big stink and not put up with
that kind of Internet service. Usually an ISP who would take this kind of
action has very little bandwidth on its "back end" and thus is doing
everything possible to minimize the bandwidth requirement. In my opinion,
such a company should not be an ISP at all since it has nothing to sell

As for CompuServe, I don't know how well it supports CU. But there are two
plans. One five hour plan (which you allude to) and a 20 hour? plan, which
has much more reasonable per-hour charges.

Hope this helps,

At 09:47 AM 7/30/96 -0500, LiDaNe wrote:
> George Neervoort wrote:
>> > Hi there!
>> > My ISP has banned CUSEEME since the old version of cuseeme messed
>> > around with the bandwidth...
>then, Daniel W. Erskine replied:
>> Another option is to use Network Video (NV). Check this out and
>> let us know what happens with your ISP!!!
>I just received an e-mail from my ISP that CUSEEME is being banned...
>questions: 1- will FreeVue still be useable?
> 2- are there any workarounds to this dilemma
> 3- what is network video
>IF ANYBODY can help with ideas, softwares, anything, please let me
>know... I guess I will have to bid farewell to CU and all else...
>unless my CompuServe internet dialer account would support CU...
>I never tried it and It gets expensive after those first five hours.
>Dave Lucas