Nominal ISDN speed vs dial-up speed

Dennis J. Streveler (
Tue, 30 Jul 1996 17:54:09 -0700


I had a similar situation with an ISDN ISP who simply didn't have enough
"backend bandwidth" to sell. Sometimes I got BETTER performance using 28.8
dial-in to another ISP! After raising a big stink, all the sudden the
bandwidth improved, and now I usually get 6.4k or so when doing somewhat
large FTP transfers or when downloading from the Web. So, I guess you need
to complain, complain, complain. Obviously if ISDN doesn't beat POTS, there
is not going to be much business for them!


At 12:16 PM 7/30/96 -0500, Alex Watson wrote:
>>> > My ISP has banned CUSEEME since the old version of cuseeme messed
>>> > around with the bandwidth...
>I think the ISP can ban it if they want, but it wouldnt be a very wise
>thing to do. Here's the question: Is your ISP selling "Access" or
>I have a dedicated ISDN, and have yet to get above 3.6k consistent
>throughput anywhere except to my ISP. Where I should conceivably be
>getting 7.5k w/o compression. In other words my ISDN is just as good as
>a 28.8 modem. (1-b channel btw.)
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