Re: NEW PRECISE INFO Re: CU-seemeB/W 0.83b3 + local server

Dennis J. Streveler (
Tue, 30 Jul 1996 21:40:12 -0700

Dear "pp" (I am sorry I don't know your name),

Perhaps we should talk via phone. You have many questions and there is lots
of information to give you... I'll comment on the ones I have the strength
to do so this evening! :)


At 12:14 AM 7/31/96 -0400, you wrote:
>here are the countries in question!

You will find telecommunications varying considerably through this list. In
general these are all unfortunately rather poor countries, and thus you
should expect the facilities to be rather old.

>APPLE PB520/12-- modem internal 19Kbps(do i remove it phisically)
> or buy extenal 28kbps(what brand)

No. No need to remove it. I assume it is the Global Village Mercury modem.
Keep it in there. You should only consider buying a 28.8 external if you
find that will be able to call at that speed. I doubt whether any of the
countries listed above has phone lines which are "clean" enough to allow
consistent 28.8, so I'd stick to 19.2 and save yourself the extra weight.

>WTB new or used accoutical modem ? (as back-up)

TeleAdapt sells a good one. (See But remember these are
usually limited practically speaking to 9600-baud.

>still questions on
>> > portable satellite dish phone(rental)

Of course you can do this. If you have several thousand dollars in rental
costs which you can afford in your budget, a "luggage-size" transceiver
might be the way to go. But then you must have arranged with a
telecommunications company (like Sprint) to rent you a transponder channel
on the satellite of your choice and have somebody to arrange on this end the
reception of your broadcasts (I'd be happy to try to assist). But, all in
all a VERY pricey matter.

> cellular phone???(is there rental service in large towns)

Well, yes, but what does this buy you? Cellular modems are notoriously poor
quality and slow.

>e-mail with large attachement folder quictake 100 files in jpeg or pict(1.5M)

As I said earlier, this is probably the way to go. While 1.5MB at 14.4
requires about 30 minutes to transmit, at least it will make it. By the way,
COMPRESSED QuickTake files in high resolution are only 126KB (NOT 1.5MB). So
I'd send the COMPRESSED files from Africa (these are the ones that are in
the native QuickTake QuickTime format) and then decompress them HERE before
distributing them. That will save you 9/10's of the transmission time! (By
the way, I do this all the time, as I have a QuickTake 100 camera also.)

>local server or long distance call

As I mentioned earlier you should check with CompuServe (GO PHONES) and
WorldNet ( to see what is available in the countries you
are going to visit. The fact that you are going to cross many borders will
make life VERY complicated, since the network provider in each country will
have a separate protocol, and logon procedure.

>(somebody said it take 24 hour for e-mail to re-route from paris to n.america)

That's baloney. It will likely take AT THE MOST a few hours to make its
trek, and probably MUCH less than that.

>we are a young production house going to film a documentary on youth
>builders of africa, so a chance to speak to the people on are journey
>once a week via cu-seeme or irc if cu doesnt work and a website with text
>and pictures updated every week if possible to connect! during this 8
>months voyage. look and see in august at

Sounds like a very interesting trip. I think email to a UseNet newsgroup
(such as might be an appropriate forum to "broadcast"
your current progress. Of course on UseNet you can also post photographs.
IRC is an idea, as you could set up a "channel" there and prearrange a time
for those people who wanted to "listen in" to be there. And IRC doesn't
require much bandwidth, MUCH MUCH MUCH less than CUSeeMe, for instance. Good

>Thank you all for the help, we appreciate it :)

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