SUM:Radio Interference

michael branagan (
Wed, 31 Jul 1996 08:30:37 -0400

For the most part, replies were very helpful. Although there were a couple
of folks that sarcastically said that HAMs were licensed and computers were
not, and that was MY problem. Nice touch.

Most respondees suggested either shielding (1-power cords, 2-microphone
cords, 3-camera cables) or diodes/capacitors (4-in the telephone line,
which may act as an antenna). Two suggested 5-diplomatic questions to the
radio club.

My wife has returned from Venezuela, so she can't try out these ideas.
I'll try them when I go there soon.

Since we're using the built-in microphone on the PowerBook, suggestion #2
doesn't work. Suggestion #1 & #3 may be fixible. I've been using #4 at
home with an external modem. That seems to work fine. (It turns out, when
I move my Mac IIcx from the 1st to the 3rd floor, I picked up transmissions
from the local AM radio station. I asked them wheat to do & they sent (no
charge) a line filter.) And as for Suggestion #5, that's always a winner.

Finally, I suggest that, in general, folks who have posted problems on the
list post a summary of responses. It's very helpful. I hope this summary
is helpful.