Re: UNIX version?

Daniel P. Kamalic (
Wed, 31 Jul 96 12:06:27 -0400

I too am interested in a UNIX version of CU-SeeMe, or something

My research involves creating a web-based distance-learning
environment, and so far CU-SeeMe is the only publicly available
product I've found that allows audio and whiteboard conferencing by
more than two users at once. I'd like to use CU-SeeMe in this
project, but it would be much easier if I were dealing solely with
UNIX. I've got the reflectors running on UNIX machines, but it's
getting difficult to deal with the interface being only on
Macintoshes and Windows machines. And the only way students
would really use this system would
be if it were available in the public UNIX clusters on campus.

Does anyone know if a UNIX version of CU-SeeMe is in the works, or
if I might be able to get my hands on a similar product that will
also allow many-user conferences? It doesn't even have to have
video. Just audio and whiteboard would be enough.

Dan Kamalic