Re: UNIX version?

Todd Biske (
Wed, 31 Jul 1996 09:53:03 -0700

I hunted around for a Unix version and came up empty. There are UNIX
video conferencing tools, the most popular are nv and vat. nv stands
for "network video" which can be used to connect to a CU-SeeMe reflector.
The drawback is that a reflector will only send at most 4 video feeds to
an nv client, from ALL available channels. The nv user has no control over
which feeds are received, and has no idea how many other users are on
a reflector besides the 4 that are visible. It also does not support
color feeds and will sometimes crash if a color feed is received.

vat, is the corresponding audio tool that can be used hand-in-hand with
nv. It can also talk to CU-SeeMe relfectors.

There is no chat tool available, so you can not receive any of the AUX
information that is sent from a reflector. I was attempting to write a client,
but got nowhere since I had no technical specs except for the source code
to the 3.0 Cornell reflector which didn't do me a lot of good.

There should be various whiteboard utilities that can be used. Back about
5 years ago, I remember using a program called wscrawl which was a shared
drawing space. I think it was developed by HP and was in the public domain.
I think things should have advanced since then.

There are commercial products such as Sun's ShowMe (I think that's the name)
that allows application sharing and videoconferencing, but it costs $$$.

Please post to the listserv if you find out more info on a Unix client!


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