Re: UNIX version?

Dennis J. Streveler (
Wed, 31 Jul 1996 13:12:11 -0700

At 12:06 PM 7/31/96 -0400, Daniel P. Kamalic wrote:
>I too am interested in a UNIX version of CU-SeeMe, or something
>My research involves creating a web-based distance-learning
>environment, and so far CU-SeeMe is the only publicly available
>product I've found that allows audio and whiteboard conferencing by
>more than two users at once.

Have you taken a look at Vocaltec's Internet Conference? Multi-person audio
and a very nice whiteboard (similar to the one found in their Internet Phone
version 4). Hope this helps, Dennis

>I'd like to use CU-SeeMe in this
>project, but it would be much easier if I were dealing solely with
>UNIX. I've got the reflectors running on UNIX machines, but it's
>getting difficult to deal with the interface being only on
>Macintoshes and Windows machines. And the only way students
>would really use this system would
>be if it were available in the public UNIX clusters on campus.
>Does anyone know if a UNIX version of CU-SeeMe is in the works, or
>if I might be able to get my hands on a similar product that will
>also allow many-user conferences? It doesn't even have to have
>video. Just audio and whiteboard would be enough.
> Thanks,
> Dan Kamalic

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