Re: UNIX version?

Scott Chumbley (
Wed, 31 Jul 1996 16:12:06 +0100

First, thanks to everyone we has reponded with suggestions to my problem
(outlined below). We still have the problem but here is some additional

I am running the image from a scanning electron microscope into an AV board
of a 7100 powermac and connecting to a reflector that we have set up. We
are running v.83B3 of CU-SeeMe and Open Transport 1.1 (Sys 7.5.3) and
CU-SeeMe (tm) Reflector version 4.00B3 on IP address on the
following system: OS Version: ULTRIX V4.3A (Rev. 146) System #20:
Mon Jan 15 12:27:00 CST 1996, CPU: DECstation 5000, Memory - maxmem:
14130K physmem: 24576K, Display : PMAG-DA - PXG (8 or 24 plane). The image
looks great on our 7100 but when schools around Iowa connect (usuaully via
a ppp connection) to the reflector the top 1/3 will update within a few
seconds, the middle 1/3 maybe after several minutes, the bottom 1/3 never.

Virtual memory is off on the 7100 and we have a T3 line for the campus.
Connecting to the reflector from on-campus using ethernet gives good
results from any Connectix camera images but the same result for the
microscope image, i.e., the old 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 problem. Changing the
refresh interval on the 7100 does nothing to help. HOWEVER, if we change
the compression from high resolution to standard resolution on the 7100 the
whole image pops in and the performance isn't too bad. The only problem is
that the microscope image looks really lousy at standard resolution and it
would be nice to use high resolution if possible. Switching back to high
resolution from standard causes the image to immediately return to the 1/3,
1/3, 1/3 situation.

Could this be a problem with the AV board in the 7100? Any further thoughts?