RE: Color quickcam win95 cuseeme vdophone cinevideo WORKS!!!!

Soares.Carlos (
31 Jul 1996 16:19:57 U

I just received my color quickcam and I only get a black rectangle for an
image. I would appreciate any help troubleshooting this problem. I would like
to move on to cuseeme asap! :)

Here is some background: I had been using the original grayscale quickcam
without any problems. My system is running win95 with 16MB RAM, Tyan Titan III
motherboard with 512KB of PB cache, ATI Mach32 based graphics card (Graphics
Ultra Plus), 2 IDE hard disks, Mitsumi Quad (IDE) and an internal IDE Zip

Upon receiving the new color quickcam, I installed the cam and the software.
No error messages of any kind; cam was detected just as the manual said it
should happen. I restarted the system and tried quickpict and quickmovie:
black rectangle, no matter what settings I tried (brightness, contrast, white
balance, etc.) I also tried changing display color depth (8, 16 and 24 bit)
and resolution. I also tried different parallel port settings (ECP+EPP, just
EPP, etc.); that didn't help as well.

I then manually edit the system.ini file and removed the grayscale and color
quickcam files (icluding the .dll and .drv files). I reinstalled the color
quickcam software. Same results, black rectangle for an image.

I tried the color quickcam on a friend's system (which is very similar to mine)
and it worked! So I know the cam is not defective. It's a major CPU hog, but
it works!

I would appreciate any help with this problem. Thanks in advance!

C. Soares