Re: Newbie alert. :p Help, please...

Bill Woodland (
Mon, 30 Jun 1997 23:26:13 -0500

At 04:02 PM 6/30/97 +1000, Caroline Seawright wrote:
>I need some help ...
>I have a friend, with a Mac, who has a colour QuickCam and CU-See Me.
>I downloaded the Win '95 version of CU-See Me, and we tried to connect,
>so that he could send me some video images. (I don't own a camera.)

You didn't specify, but the Cornell win95 version (0.92b2) doesn't support
color at all, so unless you mean the White Pine version, your friend will
need to send in black and white mode before you will be able to see him.

>Whenever I tried to connect to him, it told me that it wouldn't
>connect. When he connected to me, I got a little video window up
>(with no image inside it) and the window was filled with a directory
>and info on the other side (of the CU-See Me window, that is... not
>the video window) He said that it told me that my machine wasn't
>I don't know what's wrong... Please can you help?

Try the Visual Users Guide at for help with the Cornell
0.92b2 version. If you have the White Pine version, you might still learn
a few things from there about the basics of how CU works.

>Do I need a digital video camera attached? Can't it work, just to
>receive video images, without one? Is it something that I'm not
>setting properly? Is my modem (28.8) too slow? Don't PC and Mac
>version work properly togther? Does anyone know how to make it

No, yes, could be, no, yes, and finally, yes, I'm sure that someone here
could help you if you gave more specific info about what version you are
using, what your rates are set to, etc. It's also helpful if you know the
names of the different parts, like local video window, participants list,
main window, chat window, etc. Feel free to email me directly.

Bill Woodland (Squeek =A9) PC questions only, please.
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